About Us

The joy of our Smoothstream Business Intelligence systems lies in their simplicity. They can be operated by unskilled workers, thus delivering layers of sophistication and complexity at the touch of a button.

How many business reporting systems can claim that?
Since early 1994 we have been showing Australian businesses how to reduce cost and boost profit through the use of highly refined business control and measuring tools. Drawing on our own extensive experience in a wide range of industries - including engineering, manufacturing, telecommunications, construction, banking, finance, IT and retail - we have developed the ultimate in precision software for razor-sharp reporting, programming and business analytics.

Forget those mind-boggling computer programs only the IT Crowd can understand. We pride ourselves on highly intuitive business metrics that are easy to use and completely focussed on client needs.

We offer a bespoke Payroll Management solutions tailored to your company's requirements. The specifics of your business size, trade, market and location will become an integral part of your reporting package.

We offer specialist expertise and ongoing support in the following areas:
  • Business intelligence. Sometimes called business analytics, this refers to a range of software applications designed to collate and analyse essential information drawn from every aspect of the business. Huge advances in technology now put BI within reach of the smallest company.
  • Resource planning. Whatever your business resources happen to be - human, capital, time or technology - we have systems to help you schedule them in the most efficient, timely and profitable way. Scrutinising the needs of your business as a whole helps maximise your resources and track them through concise reporting.
  • Client relationship measurement. Satisfying customers is the ultimate goal of every business. But few know how to measure it accurately. Close analysis of your sales and marketing data can pinpoint key strengths, weaknesses and trends in your customer relationships.
  • Staff rostering and timesheet control. Have complete control over online rostering and timesheets, available 24/7 from remote sites. Our system can analyse and review staff KPIs, streamlining all rostering and timesheet operations.
  • Production planning and costing. Good production planning is like a roadmap for your business. It helps you juggle your staff, assets and resources, streamlining systems, eliminating waste and reducing costs in the process.

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