Case Study 1

Does Your Current Software Bypass The Crucial Figures You Need For Major Business Decisions?

Smoothstream Business Intelligence(SBI) can extract the vital information from your current software system, transforming it into a format which is easy to read, concise, accurate and imperative in helping you make those major business decisions.

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Case Study

Housing Construction

  • Problem: Existing software could only deliver financial reports in a rigid, tabular format.
  • Solution: SBI developed a program which extracted the figures, allowing automatic loading into hierarchical tables and at-a-glance performance dashboards which identified the profit level of clients, products and locations.
  • Outcome: Smart decisions were made based on this new information which increased business profits and re-engaged admin staff.
Case Study

Property Finance Lender

  • Problem: Manual assessments based on anecdotal information were threatening this company with accreditation removal due to poor risk management.
  • Solution: SBI developed a smart electronic calculator which based assessments on multiple pertinent factors. These identified whether the properties were residential, industrial, owner-occupied or investment, also factoring in a ten-point evaluation of the borrower's business and financial health. The resulting security grading determined automatically if a loan should be granted, and at what interest rate.
  • Outcome: The lender maintained their accreditation, reduced their level of payment defaults and regained confidence in their business expertise.
Case Study

Engineering Component Supply

  • Problem: The time and expertise of a senior engineer were required to manually calculate duty rates by item size, shipping rates by the product's weight/pack dimension and mark-up rates by pack quantities.
  • Solution: SBI developed comprehensive electronic tables covering all possible product variables, allowing quick and easy use by an unskilled worker.
  • Outcome: The pricing program is now operated by a junior clerk, who has become more involved with the business. The senior engineer is far more productively employed on high-end projects. And communications with the overseas supplier now operate like clockwork.

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