Case Study 2

Are Smart, Easy-to-Read And Understandable Reports A Distant Dream?

Smoothstream Business Intelligence(SBI) can use the latest advances in digital programming to transform the most complex and demanding data into streamlined, easy-to-evaluate reports.

Check out the case studies below.

Case Study


  • Problem: Gathering sales reports was a logistical nightmare, with each one received by email in a different format from over 300 distributors and resellers.
  • Solution: SBI used Visual Basic programming logic to extract the essence of each report and integrate them all into a comprehensive data table. The performance of each outlet and wider geographic area could then be analysed in detail taking all stock quantities, sales activity and profit into consideration.
  • Outcome: Under-performing outlets were either shaken up or dropped. Under-performing sales staff were offered retraining and support, while high-achievers were offered rewards and further incentives. Plans are also in the offing for future product analysis.
Case Study


  • Problem: An overseas parent company produced a mass report covering all cities and countries. The report format was totally incompatible with local payroll and invoicing systems.
  • Solution: SBI created a customised program identifying local workers and classifying each by time worked, cost and value of invoice. This allowed complete electronic control of payroll data, client invoices and costings.
  • Outcome: Workers’ performance was easy to measure and address. Clerical staff were reduced because payroll and invoicing queries dramatically fell away, enabling five workers to transfer to more demanding roles.
Case Study


  • Problem: Client property and financial details were provided in a variety of different formats, with separate reports being generated for clients with differing number of properties.
  • Solution: SBI collated the mass of data into a refined program breaking down property values, lines of credit and amounts drawn down, along with 25 years of income, tax depreciation and interest fluctuation figures. Resulting values of net home/investment asset and good/bad debt are automatically loaded into a summary table and graph.
  • Outcome: Client enquiry conversions were substantially increased through use of this calculator tool.

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