Case Study 3

Do You Waste Vital Time And Resources Through Manual Handling And Duplicated Data?

Smoothstream Business Intelligence(SBI) can help you eliminate the duplications and manual slip-ups which clog your business. Key the data in once, and we distribute it quickly and safely to wherever it needs to go.

Our case studies show you how it’s done.

Case Study


  • Problem: A 40-year investment tax depreciation schedule was being offered to clients at a cost of $450. Each schedule took between six and ten hours for a senior surveyor to complete, using slow manual data entry and calculations.
  • Solution: SBI developed electronic data entry screens, which clients were asked to complete themselves. We also provided a smart calculator which could quickly and easily transform the clients’ data into comprehensive depreciation schedules including descriptive graph, summary schedule table, invoice and covering letter.
  • Outcome: Every depreciation schedule was completed within an hour once back in the office, reducing cost to clients and increasing profit. The senior surveyor was also free to pursue more cost-effective business.
Case Study

HR and Payroll Services

Employee weekly salary dues were provide to the service electronically for a rigidly text formatted financial accounts software package.

Details had to be manually keyed into a spread sheet with appropriate formulas needing to be applied according to income tax variables. The purpose being to calculate the income tax due for each employee.

Adding to the excessive time consumption of the rekeying and manually calculating was complaining phone calls regarding errors.

A program was developed to automatically extract the details form the accounts software and calculate the income taxes due taking into account inbuilt taxation variables for each employee.

With time saving and error minimisation a part time one day a week clerk was able to take on the full role, leaving the full time employee to concentrate on more value add activities.

Case Study

Tax Accountant

Paper based time sheets of each employee’s client chargeable activities were costed to work type and employee awards then manually keyed into an accounting program from which invoices were produced.

Electronic time sheets were developed for each employee. A further developed program extracted each time sheet details, calculated the cost for each client then created an appropriate report for downloading into the invoice producing accounting program.

Additional program logic measured each employee’s productivity leading to retraining where necessary and recognition of work well done.

Substantial time was achieved, errors were greatly minimised and staff engagement vastly improved.

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