Case Study 4

Are you delaying decisions and missing deadlines due to late, inaccurate reporting?

Smoothstream Business Intelligence(SBI) refuses to accept second-best. With such amazing advances in computer hardware and software, there is truly no excuse for late and sloppy figures.

Let us produce a watertight program comprising monthly, weekly and daily reporting on every aspect of your business performance. After all, how can you fix it when you don’t even know what’s wrong?

Our case study highlights the importance of timely business analytics.

Case Study


  • Problem:Customers routinely waited far too long for their job quotations. With the company relying on a busy senior engineer’s local knowledge to manually produce the quotes – taking into account complex size, material and configuration variables – they were losing business to their rivals.
  • Solution: SBI created a smart computer program with built-in organisation of product size, requested materials and configuration variations. Along with super-quick quotations, the system also produced metal, timber and coating job cards along with bills of material for successful quotes. Job costings were tracked along the way.
  • Outcome: The number of successfully converted quotes increased rapidly, and the senior engineer’s valuable time was more usefully spent elsewhere. Accurate job costings led to efficient completion of jobs and a higher business profile. Every company employee benefitted from more effective use of time.

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